Lets looks at all the things that were possible with Cuomo in NY

Franco D’Elia Oct 19, 2014 – Daily News “Comments”

How to bypass NY State’s Constitution and encourage lawmakers to vote
on legislation they have not read using message of necessity

How to avoid paying your fair share of property taxes by skipping the
building permit process. Once caught, intimidate and use state workers
(Larry Schwartz) to push back hard, even though you were caught red
handed breaking the law.

Perfecting doublespeak where you say you are transparent, yet you are not.

Allowing illegal use of firearms in state offices by your Homeland
Security Chief, Jerome Hauer. Hauer then used his Glock as a Laser
Pointer during a Presentation. The delegates were none too pleased when
Hauer attempted to point to New York State on a map, and the laser ran
across their heads in the process. Cuomo covered for his pal Jerome and
refused to have charges pressed for illegal possession and use.

Stealing $37,500,000 from homeless Superstorm Sandy victims to use on self-serving TV Ads.

Creating an 8th & 9th month abortion party but selling as a Woman’s
Equality Party thinking New Yorkers are not going to research his
shameless ruse. Oh, the other 9 points were agreeable to everyone and
would have been passed if Speaker Silver and Andy Cuomo let the vote
take place.

Speaking of Silver, Cuomo approved hush money provided to victims of
sexual harassment – he and Speaker Silver are a danger to all women

Intolerant Extremist – Cuomo on a radio show said Conservatives, Pro
2nd Amendment folks & those who are not for abortion are not welcome
in his New York State. Nice having the governor decide who can and
cannot stay.

Provide free college to rapists, pedophiles & murderers while you skimp and save to educate your own children.

Avoid at all costs DEBATING your GOP challenger because if you do, you could be exposed as fraud.

The list goes on forever… most of these are available by a simple google
search or you can head over to the @CuomoWatch twitter feed and search
for more. For example, go to twitter and type this into your search
window: ” CuomoWatch: softmoney ”

By Christopher S. Zaleski