Fired up Nojay ready for Dems

By Jason Jordan
The Evening Tribune
Nov. 12, 2014

Hornell, N.Y.

Tuesday’s election saw Democrats yield the majority in the New York State Senate to Republicans, and lose seats in the State Assembly, leaving many voters to wonder if there will be a new political dynamic in Albany when the new state Legislature convenes next year.

Asking Assemblyman Bill Nojay (R- District 133, Pittsford) the answer is a definite yes when he gave his reaction to last week’s election results on Monday.

Nojay was re-elected to a second term in his State Assembly district as he ran unopposed.

Nojay reaffirmed that the outcome of the election has not changed his priorities at all, and that going forward, Republicans would engage in what he called a “holding action” to keep downstate Democrats from pushing their agenda through the legislature.

“It was a victory for Upstate and Hornell in that we’ve seen when New York City Democrats run things, it favors New York City,” he said of the election results.

“It’s not good for our primary industries, manufacturing and agriculture, when Democrats are in charge,” Nojay added.

He is excited that his party closing the gap on Democrats in the Assembly.

“I think chances are very good that (Assembly Speaker) Sheldon Silver’s power will be diluted,” he said.

Nojay believes that the election results mean that more people are beginning to open up to a Republican message that “supports free markets and personal liberties.”

“Let’s face it, this is a blue state, and divided government was the best we could have possibly hoped for. The divided legislature gives us a seat at the table,” he said.

Nojay then noted his intention to use that seat at the table to address issues he thinks are crucial to the region, which notably included hydrofracking, the SAFE Act, and the economy.

On the issue of fracking, Nojay faulted newly re-elected Gov. Andrew Cuomo for “setting up a never ending civil war in local legislatures.”

“These people are communists, using the environmental issue as a front to attack our property rights,” he said disdainfully of fracking opponents.

Despite Democrats keeping the governor’s office, Nojay does not think the SAFE Act beyond repeal.

“Not necessarily. Last Tuesday was a good day for the Second Amendment. It would have been better if we won the governor’s office, but it gave us the three seat majority in the Senate,” he said.

Assessing the economic situation in the district, Nojay said, “Governor Cuomo has proven to be not good for our economy.” He called Cuomo’s Start-up NY program a failure.

Nojay praised the local delegation to the Legislature.