Top 10 most common murder weapons

The order of most common murder weapons used in the US murder cases has not changed very much in recent years. But there has been a very significant down trend in the number of killings involving firearms. According to the FBI stats on gun crime stat, violent crime in the US has significantly gone down compared with earlier figures.
Although fire arms still stand on top of the list of the most common murder weapons used in homicides, at least in the US other object such as knives and bats in combination pose as tools that are used far more regularly in homicides than guns. In other figures as reported by various reports, Americans are more likely to be killed by a baseball bat than a rifle.

Unfortunately, in the face of all factual data there has been a lot of suggestions for gun control, it is however, debatable that banning fire arms will lower the number of lives lost. History and stats show otherwise.

Australia is just a minor example of what happens when corrupt politicians take personal firearms away or restrict them:

Protected by the 2nd amended of the constitutional Bill of Rights, many American lives are actually saved by the millions of Americans who use firearms only to protect themselves, their families. In any case we have provided a list of the top 10 most common murder weapons used as reported by FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

most common murder weapons

10. Explosives used in murder cases:

Noting that this data does not include acts of terrorism, use of explosives as a murder weapon averagely takes the lives of10 individual yearly. This, as one would expect, is low in number, since murderers rarely create a chaos and uproar around their crime scene.

9. Drowning victims:

Collected stats from 2008 shows 10 known cases of individuals who were murdered by forced drowning.

8. Narcotics used for murder:

A total of 33 people were murdered using narcotics in 2008.

7. Fire induced killings:

Fire has been one of the favorite methods amongst murderers to commit acts atrocity, where usually minimum evidence is left for investigation. In the US alone between 80 to 100 people die from arson induced fire as one of the most common murder weapons

6. Strangulation to death:

Strangulation or stranglingis literally the closing of a person’s windpipe by forceful compression, which leads to unconsciousness and subsequently death. The oxygen flow is cut off and the person’s brain is the first organ to die after a few minutes. Strangulation has taken the lives of 88 Americans in 2008.

5. Asphyxiation to death:

Asphyxiation is somewhat of different than strangulation in a sense that loss of consciousness is caused by impairing normal breathing using hazardous gases like carbon monoxide and sulphur. This common method has taken the lives of 89 in the US during 2008.

4. Use of blunt objects:

Let’s not be vague, these objects include anything from hammers, clubs, and baseball bats to bottles and tree branches, annually taking the lives of nearly 600 people in the States alone.

3. Personal body weapons:

The third most common murder weapons are body parts such hands, feet, fists and head. Throwing a punch, a head-butt or a kick against another person’s head usually has fatal consequences and unfortunately many people have been murdered as such. In 2008 it is reported that 861 lost their lives by fatal body blows in the US.

2. Knives and cutting instruments:

Cold arms usually in the form of sharp objects – mostly knives – have caused the death of 1897 people in 2008. There’s no way to regulate or stop people from obtaining sharp object and it is unfortunate that they are used in murders.

1. Firearms (misleading)

Nearly 75% of the cases involving firearms are actually gang related and another fraction of it are justifiable cases in self-defense. As stated in the opening paragraph, many lives are actually saved by those have them and use them for protection; hundreds of thousands of women use guns in the US to protect themselves against rapists and criminals. It is historically and socially proven that the more right to arms are taken away from the regular citizenry the more crime brews thereafter and more innocent lives are lost. Not only that, total freedom means freedom to protect one’s self without complete reliance on government, which in a majority of cases does not respond in time and is itself a threat when corrupted; the founding fathers understood this common sense.

Moreover, the states with the most strict gun control laws like Illinois and New York have the worst gun crimes simply because criminals can easily do what they want, whereas southern states like Texas with the least gun control have some of the lowest gun crimes since individuals can protect themselves against criminals. Ask this intellectual questions… WHY?

4. Blunt objects + 3. Body weapons + 2. Knives result in MUCH larger crime numbers than 1. Firearms

Also note that: Use of knives, bats, personal body weapons and blunt objects (#4, #3, #2) are the tools, which the criminals use to take far more lives that guns. Criminals will always get their their weapons, no matter what. That is a FACT!

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